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iContax > > a differentiating name for this branch of the older iContact versions

Aug 12, 2009 at 10:08 AM

Hi all. I made this suggestion a few times at the XDA-Developers thread, but it's not something that generated discussion. I've long felt that it's time to make the break to really differentiate the 2 branches of iContact application for Windows Mobile, since there is constant confusion. There will always be inevitable confusion for new users who come to XDA, or who google for iContact, in understanding "What is the latest, most current version?"

(A) There's supbro's branch of the iContact application development -- distinguished by the developer's stated permanent preference that there be NO THUMBNAIL PHOTOS IN LIST VIEW. His intention is to always have "his" iContact (Supbro Edition) running as lean and as fast as it possibly can, and he's been adamant: he will never enable a version on his development track that has photos in Contact List View.

(B) "Burt's Edition" followed the other path: Many people consider photos in Contact List View essential, as an important visual scanning method to locate a contact, and Burt's Edition developed with that as a requirement. 

But while supbro has remained very active in developing his version of iContact ( as of this writing his current version is  v. 0.94  - June 2, 2009 ), Burt's version tapered off in December 2008, with his last stable release being v 6.4.5 of November 1, 2008.

(C) Then thx1200 thankfully stepped up in March 2009 to pick up development of Burt's Edition, rewrote the code and released it as "iContact AE" or "iContact Avian Edition" -- with "avian" being derived from thx1200's music soundscape project named "Avian Waves".


There's no question in my mind that it's thx1200's prerogative to release his application under whatever name he chooses. I make a case here, though, suggesting that at this time & place during this new explosion in touchscreen phone apps now hitting on 5 different mobile platforms, there is already confusion aplenty for new users coming to any of these phone platforms. And thus it would be clarifying for end users if the 2 (or 3) strains of iContact were separated and differentiated, sort of once and for all, by more than just a version number or appendage. So that as all these various projects move forward, no one will have to have to explain each time "this is the strain derived from Burt's Edition, which came from XDA-developer larna's initial version of iContact, not to be confused with supbro's version, which doesn't use pictures in List View."

My "branding" background provided an idea for how to make that split simply yet not drastically:  I suggested dubbing iContact Avian Edition as iContact Pix edition, which would require no decoding or figuring out which version is the one with pictures in the List View, because "Pix" edition handles that differentiation. I also suggested that a simplified version of that could be iContax ... merging the two words. Such a separately branded name would end the problem of typing into Google, or even XDA, "iContact 0.94" or "iContact 6.4.5" or "iContact AE" or "iContact Avian Edition 7.4.3" and getting search results that cannot tell you without about an hour's investigation of "wait a minute, which is the most current version of iContact?"

More and more developers are now showing demos of their apps on YouTube, with an even less well-versed base of people discovering for the first time, wow, I didn't know Windows Mobile could DO that -- from the various ROMS they now see, to interfaces like iFonz, to ThumbCal, and all the other finger-friendly apps that sprung from XDA-devs, which completely blow away those who have only seen stock Windows Mobile in a store, with its stylus based tiny-type navigation and settings pages.

With all this in mind, I myself, as an end user, wanted a simpler way to find the latest version of this software, which is the centerpiece of how I use my phone. So, this software may continue to be officially called iContact Avian Edition v 7.x, 8.x, etc, but for me, I needed something simpler as a bulletproof shorthand for directing new users on YouTube etc to THIS great piece of software, the one with PICTURES in the List view !

So I'm going to redirect the URL for, which I purchased, as it was way unlikely to have been available, to either this codeplex project page, or to the XDA-developers thread page for this app. I've done similar shorthand redirects before, to make it simpler to find iFonz, and S2U2, and the ROMS of various chefs at XDA. As I've said, no one in the touchscreen universe has to take this lead or follow this suggestion. I'm simply pointing a good URL to this project after putting out this idea for discussion at XDA several months ago. 

I wanted to explain this here, and all the thought behind this, as I am a usability designer, and what always comes first to me is "can the user find it?" "is it obvious what to do on this page?"... 

big thanks to thx1200 for reviving this great app.


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