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Nickname contacts, shortcut to the real contact

May 9, 2009 at 1:37 PM

Hello, Im from Sweden and my Eng, is not that good, but i hope you understand my reqests I post to improve iContact, otherwise just ask wtf Im talking about ;)

enjoy, and thanks for the great work!

So "Nickname contacts, shortcut to the real contact"

I have many many contacts in my phonebook, and I try to have them sorted in a logic way, but half of them have strange nicknames, so when somebody else would like to use my phone, i must be there to help. or when I want to send a contact to somebody the VCard have the nickname, and not the real name of the contact etc. I know that a can dubble all my contacts that have nicknames, and so have diffrent name on the same contacts, but then when I change anything, I have to do this in both.

So what I want is to make a "shortcut contact".

One of my friends is called "Kaggen" but his real name is "Johan Nord".
So what i want is the ability to have both "Kaggen" and "Johan Nord" in my phonebook, pointing att the same contact.
So when I enterd "Kaggen" I actually enterd "Johan Nord" which is the real contact, and so "Kaggen" is just a "shortcut contact".


Jun 18, 2009 at 2:52 AM

There is no extra field in Pocket Outlook I could use to implement this feature.  iContact does not maintain its own database.  I can't think of an elegant way to solve this problem.  If somebody else has an idea, please take a crack at the code or email me your idea for implementation.