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Please implement these feature requests...

Apr 13, 2009 at 5:54 AM
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1. In T9 mode (when you are searching characters in the middle of the word), please add an option to change the order in which the languages are shown. I need English and Russian T9, but I want to have an English interface for the program. Currently, if I have an English interface and enter the T9 search mode, T9 is shown in Russian first, so I have to do an extra click to change that to English. This is annoying.

2. Please redo the details section. I would like to see the dates (birthday and anniversary) in one section with SMALL icons, rather than to see birthday under the name and anniversary next to a huge notepad icon.

3. Please add an option to hide contracts from certain categories from the main list. I would only want to have favorites and non-categorized contacts in my main list. If I want to see someone from a particular category, I'll go to that category... However, search should find everyone...