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Project Description
Yet another branch of iContact for Windows Mobile. This one is based on Burt's 7.0 beta version of iContact BE. Since he has stopped developing BE, I have taken his beta code and am going to run with it! "Avian Edition" is born!

Visit the XDA-Developers home page here:

It's in Beta, fixing all outstanding issues from the inherited BE source and developing the finger-friendly config

If anybody out there wants to contribute to this edition, I'm very open to it! We can use CodePlex as a central source repository and all develop on it to make this the best version of iContact EVER! Contact me if you are interested.

I couldn't find any licensing information for iContact (original) or BE, so I set the license to Ms-Pl. If anybody knows if this is a problem, I can change the license at any time.

Project Development Notes
iContact was started on an old version of Visual Studio, specifically, I think, Embedded Visual C++ 4.0. I have since updated the project to a Visual Studio 2008 solution. You will need Visual Studio 2008 Profressional (or higher) to compile this project. Sorry, that's MS's decision to rip mobile development out of 2008 Standard. Complain to them. :-( Anyway, the original project was not designed well for source control, so I had to move folders around and update pathing information (except WTL, see below) to use relative pathing in places it wasn't. I think I found everything, but it's possible I may have missed something, so when you try to compile you may run into missing libraries. Just send me a note via XDA or CodePlex and I'll help you compile!

Prerequisites to Compiling
  • Visual Studio 2008 Professional
  • WTL - I installed it to C:\Program Files (x86)\WTL80\include (because my system is 64-bit) but if you use a different path, you will need to update the "additional include directories" in the project. Don't upload the changed project definition :-) WTL is here:
  • CLEAN SOLUTION before building or you might get weird errors (at least I did).

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